Dr. Elkin is truly gifted. When you talk with him it is easy to feel at ease and just by listening to the questions he asks, you can tell that he intuitively understands individuals with great depth. He is very patient and extremely bright. For instance, I went into his office and was talking to him normally and he paused to ask me if I felt okay or if I had a headache. He noticed from my pupils that it might be a possibility. I know that may sound silly, but I did nothing to let him know I had a crushing headache and he knew it from something so subtle that most would overlook.

As to the comment that Ramona made, yes, they do ask for a credit card before your first appointment. I imagine this is so billing is easier and to ensure people keep their appointments. I have been to other psychiatrists who do the same thing. I work as a therapist in Austin and many psychiatrists are full or always close to full in Austin as we only have just over 140 of them. I can understand Ramona’s frustration because it is a lot of info to fill out but it isn’t worth trashing a good shrink.

William S., Austin, TX

I didn’t see Dr. Elkin, so I can’t say anything about him as a physician, but I saw Katie, the PA and I have nothing but great things to say about her as a professional and as a compassionate person. The office staff was great. I called and confirmed they took my insurance, found that Katie was taking new patients and filled out the online request form. I had an appointment a week later. Scheduling was prompt, and I was in and out in around an hour after a great thorough new patient history and visit. I’d highly recommend Katie to anyone who needs a psychiatrist’s services.

J.D., Austin, TX

Dr. Elkin’s command of the art and science of psychiatry make him an excellent physician. Beyond that he has a gift for genuinely hearing what his patients are saying and taking the true meaning from their words. He notices things beyond psychiatry about his patients. He treats the whole person and addresses the physical illness that may be affecting psychological issues. He refers to other specialists to participate in his patients’ care.

Over the last year Dr. Elkin has shepherded our family through the acute illness of a family member. He has remained steadfastly at our side and has done all in his power to be sure that the course of treatment was optimal and that our family member was showing improvement over time. He has made a very distressing time feel safer by giving us the information we need to respond to the needs of our family member. We feel very blessed to have had Dr. Elkin treating our family member and to have had his expertise and kindness to guide them toward recovery.

Janie W., Austin, TX

Dr. Elkin is truly an outstanding psychiatrist. For anyone with experience in this area, you know that the process of finding a good therapist is like dating: it can be challenging, even to the point of being unpleasant, until you find “the one.” Well let me tell you, Dr. Elkin is THE ONE, and I feel very blessed to have found him.

Dr. Elkin is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and exhibits a vast working knowledge of psychiatric, emotional, and mental disorders. Dr. E. not only treats the underlying issue(s), but provides strategies (and medication, if needed) to overcome symptoms that persist.

Dr. Elkin has been a life saver. I am in law school, have ADHD and suffer from anxiety. Dr. Elkin has given me strategies for bettering my relationship, eating healthier, handling school stress, and has even gone to bat to assist me in getting much-needed testing accommodations. Furthermore, Dr. Elkin’s staff has been extremely helpful, and on numerous occasions has dealt with insurance companies on my behalf.

Dr. Elkin is one of those extraordinary psychiatrists who is wholeheartedly committed to your well-being, and I am grateful to be one of his patients.