Testimonial 1

Dr. Elkin is truly an outstanding psychiatrist. For anyone with experience in this area, you know that the process of finding a good therapist is like dating: it can be challenging, even to the point of being unpleasant, until you find “the one.” Well let me tell you, Dr. Elkin is THE ONE, and I feel very blessed to have found him.

Dr. Elkin is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and exhibits a vast working knowledge of psychiatric, emotional, and mental disorders. Dr. E. not only treats the underlying issue(s), but provides strategies (and medication, if needed) to overcome symptoms that persist.

Dr. Elkin has been a life saver. I am in law school, have ADHD and suffer from anxiety. Dr. Elkin has given me strategies for bettering my relationship, eating healthier, handling school stress, and has even gone to bat to assist me in getting much-needed testing accommodations. Furthermore, Dr. Elkin’s staff has been extremely helpful, and on numerous occasions has dealt with insurance companies on my behalf.

Dr. Elkin is one of those extraordinary psychiatrists who is wholeheartedly committed to your well-being, and I am grateful to be one of his patients.

– C.D.G.

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